Name of organization/mission: Church of Scientology Mission of Aurora

Date of creation:

Was it created from another entity (e.g. mission becoming an org)?

Physical Address: 14901 East Hmpden Ave. #250, Aurora, CO 80013, USA

Phone numbers: 303 - 725 4620

Website address:

Physical size of Org (square feet or meter):

Number of staff:

Executive Director (ED) [Day and Foundation, if applicable], Commanding Officer (CO) or Mission Holder:

Media contact person (or Director of Special Affairs [DSA]):

Other notable public or staff from this org/mission:

Estimated number of active Scientologists:

Estimated weekly average Gross Income (GI):

Estimated weekly average Value of Service Delivered (VSD):

Number of Class IV auditors made last year:

Number of Clears made last year:

Last verified (date):

Impressions by eye witnesses: