The purpose of Scientology "Study Tech" is to increase a person's ability to understand and use information.

Usually, one of the first courses a person studies in Scientology is based upon the Basic Study Manual.

For a more complete understanding of Study Tech, a person studies the Student Hat Course.

A person can assist others to study by becoming a professional Word Clearer, a Course Supervisor or a Professor of Scientology.

When the purpose of a Scientology course is to learn skills which must be applied to others, one must often complete an Internship to obtain permanent certification. This includes auditor, course supervisor and case supervisor courses.

Principal LRH references:Edit

HCOB 25 June 1971 R, Revised 25 November 1974, Barriers to Study

HCOB 17 July 1979 Issue I, The Misunderstood Word Defined

HCOB 16 March 1971 R, Revised 29 January 1975, What is a Course?

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